Communicating with Colours

Ayca M. Aydin

Communicating with Colours !

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”  Pablo Picasso

Have you ever tried to express your feelings with colours? Well, if your answer is “No”, you might want to keep reading this. Because this workshop might be a great opportunity for you to check that box!

Colour play a significant role in visual arts. This year, within the context of ‘power’ theme, we would like to organize an online collaborative colour workshop in order to understand more about the potential within colour and the relationship we have with it (As well as to contribute to the well-being of participants by encouraging to forget the stark reality of covid-19). If you decide to join us, you will be discovering the possibility of practicing to use a non-verbal communication by using colours creatively in order to express your emotions. It will be fun, interesting and quite colorful !

How can you join this experiment?

Only requirement to join the workshop is to have photoshop software installed in your machine and to know how to use the paint tool.

If you do not have a license for Photoshop, you can try 7-days free trial, by visiting this link

Shall we begin?

Step 1

Click this link to get your (black & white) abstract template.

Step 2

Before starting the workshop, copy your template to three. So you will have three copy of the same template. Then rename them as 1,2 and 3. (Easiest workshop ever !)

Step 3

Simply, open them in your photoshop software and paint each template with a different emotional state. (You can totally take your time !)

Please paint template number 1 imagining that it is the happiest day of your life; imagining the grass is greener, the light is brighter, the taste is sweeter!

And paint the template number 2 imagining that you are in pain or in depression with anxiety. You might try to recall an intense emotional experience! Well, a negative one.

Finally, the third template is to be painted to reflect your current actual mood. (Easiest ! Or may be the hardest !)

Step 4

Please save your painted art works as JPG files and share them with all participants. Simply, upload them to the shared folder by clicking here

While sharing you do not have to tell/note which painting is for which mood, so participants -including you- could try to read the emotions by looking at the colours.

Well done! There has been quite a lot of talking without even using one single word. More importantly, you attempted to explore both your own relationship with colours and the possibility of communicating with others by using them.  Not to mention, you also have three different digital art works now! Enjoy! Print and hang them on your walls or save them as a reminder of how one can speak with colours. You will be amazed when you realize (if you still haven’t) how expressive and powerful they can be.  

"Colour had perhaps the greatest power of all: the power to be autonomous.”  Baudelaire