The Making of a Portable Kitchen

Senuri Peththawadu 

The specific design presented in this workshop is derived by the first term community project which was
briefed in order to propose a mobile kitchen for refugees which can be used for cooking purposes which can
be suitable for both indoors or outdoors. It was then modified to create this DIY Portable unit which will run in
the streets in order to fulfil the needs of the communities.
This is basically a simple piece of mobile furniture which can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. A
cart like design that travels in the cities, across the streets which can be adaptable for multiple uses made for
the benefit of the communities and the market.
For instance, this structure can be used for selling clothing items as street retailers, hold culinary workshops,
sell goods and food, hold DIY seed bomb mixing sessions and many more. The community can adapt to any
situation to fulfil their requirement with the help of this mobile structure. Once the sessions are completed, it
can be folded and sealed completely to form a single unit. It can then be placed aside and use it when needed.

The design of the main structure is inspired by the interiors of a church in Kensington which was used to design
the kitchen structure for refugees as mentioned before.
This is then modified to achieve multiple uses in order to fit with the needs of the community. This will
perform as a platform kit which will fulfil their needs and requirements.

Send an email to for a complete manual with dimensions or download here.  
In addition, please describe your specific event that you wish to hold with the use of this particular structure.
Further negotiations can then be taken afterwards.