Growing Your Own Home Garden 

Tatiana Garcia

Photo: Cavan Images/Getty Images


Sowing is an ancestral work, it is not only the way in which we have operated food for 12 thousand years, it is also a reminder that preserving life is in our hands.

The best and most nutritious fruit is the one that gives us a plant cared for, sustained, and pampered by the gardener, in turn, nothing is more gratifying than harvesting and eating what was planted with care and dedication.

The home gardens are small spaces in the home that we enable to grow, and best of all is that you do not need to have a big budget. If you are from the idea of living in a more sustainable world and want to become a citizen more committed to the environment, taking advantage of nature; the organic garden is an excellent alternative to eat healthier, using a wide variety of vegetables produced under an organic and cheaper system!

At the time of making your own garden is an activity that you can do in the company of the whole family, in children observing nature fosters knowledge and care for it, increasing values such as responsibility, discipline and order.

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at all people who are interested in having a more sustainable world, who want to successfully grow vegetables at home without the need for fertilizers and pesticides.


·        Pot with bottom holes (for drainage)

·        Soil

·        Water on a sprayer

·        Cherry Tomatoes

·        French Beans

Now without further ado, Let’s get to work! 

Home Garden from maids uel on Vimeo.