Tatiana Garcia

Working with SDCAS, The Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers, we were expected to design a space of opportunity for them in this process of transition, with the larger role of creating a more inclusive community and to help the integration process through participation and empowerment. Our design had to be a nomadic kitchen, it would host a space at St. Mary’s Newington Church, where, when the church is on service it will have to be disassembled or closed. In order to be transportable it had to be able to pass through the main church door, so, the open-kitchen dimensions had to be limited to the door size, and a specific allocation in the main church hall. One other condition was, it had to fit the interior space of a Luton Van, 4m long x 2,2m wide x 2,2m high. Where it would go from one place to the other, if needed.

My design idea came from the art of paper-folding, origami, specifically the transforming ninja star form, its different configurations was the idea that led me to the thinking of the shape and different transformations for my original kitchen.