The Ciborium Kitchen

Himani Harikrishna Ravuri

Wondering what a kitchen is?
A kitchen is the heart of any home, it is a place for gatherings, a place where people feel nurtured, healed and comforted. Many traditions treat kitchen as a sacred place. The principal strategy of ‘The Ciborium’ kitchen is to be a sacred space as itself that further creates interaction and multifunctional space for asylum seekers so as to allow social interaction. This stand-alone kitchen inspired by The Relaunch of the Fashion Space Gallery (March 2014) is designed and defined to be Performative, movable and flexible. This design proposal has 4 different components; The cooking unit- It is the main unit for preparation and cooking which is covered like a Ciborium when not in use and could be a part of the church interior space, The Clay Tandoor: It is the ancient way of baking break and cooking food where it engages people, Serving unit: This component is to serve food to the refugees and Seating: The special part of this component is that it could be used
as dining space and could be a part of the church as Choir. The stand-alone kitchen has a structure with metal rods, wheels and installed with plywood boards as tops and racks that create a neutral environment to the refugees. ‘The Ciborium’ kitchen could also go around London to its street markets.