Ed Chelsea Rimando

In today’s world, the continuing increase of nationalism and isolationism affects the community which reflected in the treatment of asylum-seekers. Therefore, Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers (SDCAS), aims to support asylum seekers and refugees throughout Borough. While waiting for the status of refugees, they give practical help such as food, clothing, and English language trainings. The designer proposed an open kitchen that allows flexibility. The application of both sustainability and compact are also considered to address not just the current issue but also for ecological approach. The design was inspired by Ken Isaac’s ‘Living Cube’ since it focuses on the idea of building modular yet eco-friendly living structure. The grid design is used to maximize its purpose which able to reconfigure the entire column of a room. Aside from that, the materials used are environmentally friendly considering also its finishes in order to use it on both indoors and outdoors.