Senuri Peththawadu

A social programme that will better enhance the sense of belonging, the ability to have people opening up, sharing their identities/ culture of the communities and the refugees. Being derived from different backgrounds and having “rights” to heritage.

On the whole, the concept behind the community kitchen for refugees is based on two specific design inspirations combined together in order to support the final design output. The compactor storage unit combined with Joe Colombo’s portable kitchen unit designs. The most fundamental design layout was followed by the interior brick lines on the walls on both wings of the St. Mary’s church in Kenington, London. The mother structure was then designed following the brick lines parallel to it therefore, the space looks cleaner and neat with the overall design structure. Likewise, four separate units are created as for the following purposes. Cooking and preparation, Serving, Eating. Once the users have finished the session, it can be folded and placed aside with the help of the castor wheels attached to the bottom of the unit. This can also be transferred to outdoors as well.