Make Way for Wellness

Senuri Peththawadu

The most fundamental purpose behind the ideas that were proposed for this project on the whole is to empower communities and to promote a good level of mental wellness in an area Somers town. Research states that many lives in this particular area undergo both physical and mental illness. Basic issues include, lacking access to green spaces, lacking more of entertainment and interaction events specially in pubs where customers pay a visit for a drink and chat. In addition to that, this project also focuses on helping the communities nearby in order to strengthen their values by using this proposed design as a tool to fulfil needs. For instance, the portable kitchen that was designed for the refugees will come in hand in this part of the project as well. At the same time, the pub will be modified by adding sessions such as performances to entertain the customers. In addition, brand new appetizes and courses will be added to their current menu since the pub has been offering only beverages. Meanwhile, the pub will also offer a nutritious drink, Kombucha. Lastly, a modified design is proposed for the blind who resides in a flat with changed setting of the zones inside the flat, demolishing walls to clear pathways and also adding an area to socialise with friends to carry on with his online comedy shows that he usually holds.