Adaptable Kitchen

Aysha Farhana

Addressing the concept of well-being and empowering communities, this project was to
develop a design strategy and proposal (pilot project) which will benefit the community of
Somers Town - Chalton Street area.
The overall proposal is to create a social community which creates opportunities. It is to
create social activities that can collaborate with multiple aspects of the existing community
and development.
The project enables the people in the Somers town to involve with the developments around
the area such as the Kings Cross office developments, Regent canal, Central Saint Martins,
This creates opportunity to come together as a community for purposes such as:
- Gathering
- Working together
- Creating job opportunities
- Play a part in the economy
The aim is to design an orchard in the site courtyard, the produce from this will be used to
create workshops and produce jams and other preservatives from the local pub to create job
opportunities by selling it across Kings Cross.