Land of Possibilities

Ayca M Aydin

The overall proposal is designed to operate as an urban infrastructure, intending to enable a vibrant and multifunctional public space. Aimed to work as a social connector for all the actors of the Somers Town Community; so they can effortlessly join together for a healthy, positive, practical and sustainable living. After analysing the area in depth, the proposal was developed to encourage
disabled people to connect and share more with its accessibility to all; and shaped to help visitors to engage more with its continuous forms. Vanishing boundaries between functionalities; allowing different age groups to come together; enabling a sophisticated gardening experience among other
functionalities were the main design approaches in order to create multi-purpose and vibrant public spaces together with a more engaged and resilient community.
During the design process, as an extension of Chalton Gardens we also expanded our focus from outdoors to indoors; and developed a design proposal to improve the living conditions of a blind individual.