Chalton Park

Beth Hooper

This project looks at the potential of space along Chalton street dedicated to car parking and suggests that in an area with high levels of pollution and excellent public transport links, the street should be dedicate to people rather than private vehicles. The stretch of green space becomes a place for locals to socialise, trade, exercise, shop and play. A series of kiosks can be moved or stored away when attached to the back of a bike. When they are open, they provide space for local residents to sell herbal remedies, skincare and tinctures produced in the Cock Tavern Plant Lab Apothecary, share food prepared in the courtard garden community kitchen or to hold craft workshops among other uses. All designed to be inclsuive to all ages and backgrounds, the scheme aims to maximise soft links between existing services in the area and stregthen community through encouraging independent business and increasing interaction and knowlegde sharing between residents.