Chalton Gardens

Mental Health, Wellbeing and the City

A community engagement project aimed at developing design strategies by addressing the concept of well-being and empowering communities in Somers Town, London. The design concept and atmosphere is communicated through the handling of a range of scales; from the interpretation of the broader site to the detailing of the materials and structures. For this brief, we were give a choice of two clients living in housing association flats in addition to a second site, a shared courtyard and a third, the local pub. We also had the opportunity to propose interventions in the street. Our team came up with design strategies individually by addressing the following requirements:
︎Promote health and wellbeing ︎Encourage community engagement and cohesion ︎ Engage young people in positive activities︎ Improve spaces, places and estate regeneration︎ Reduce social isolation︎ Engage older people in positive activities︎ Improve access to training and education-based activities︎ Connecting communities with their green spaces︎ Improving mental health through the use of green spaces︎ Increase levels of arts and cultural activity︎ Expand design strategies to the wider Kings Cross area.

Adaptable Community
Aysha Farhana
Chalton Park  
Beth Hooper
Compact Community
Ed Chelsea Rimando

Land of Possibilities
Ayca M. Aydin
Make Way for Wellness
Senuri Peththawadu

Social Apparatus - MODEs
Yuan Shiqi aka Kit

The Playful City
Himani Harikrishna Ravuri

Virescent Town
Tatiana Garcia